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    Personal interpreter services can be useful in the following scenarios:

    • Support during business trips abroad and in Russia: You need to fly abroad to negotiate with foreign partners or to go to a remote region of Russia to interact with foreign specialists.

    • Support during a business meeting, conference, or exhibition: You have decided to take part in a conference or exhibition with a large number of foreign participants. A translator will provide you with comprehensive assistance in live communication, as well as through translating written materials for meetings (resolutions, booklets, prints, programs, presentations, etc.).

    • Support in cultural and entertainment events: You or your guests need a personal guide and interpreter to accompany you through a country or city, or to participate in some kind of event.

    You can be sure that, in addition to being a language expert, having a brilliant ability to understand a foreign language by ear, possessing endurance and self-confidence, and having a well-modulated voice and pronunciation, your translator will have a pleasant and presentable appearance and excellent communication skills.

    If necessary, we will give you full information about the interpreter in advance, so you can review his or her professional background through:

    • A detailed summary

    • Photo

    • Proof of education

    Upon request, you can also conduct a preliminary interview with the translator to ensure his or her level of competency.