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  • Chuchotage (Whispering)

    Chuchotage, the French word for whisper, is a type of simultaneous interpretation that is used in exceptional cases, though it is considered unusual. This form of translation, in which the interpreter whispers a translation into the ear of one or two people, is used during conferences, meetings, negotiations, legal hearings, or other formal meeting. As the interpreter works in the same room, such interpreting can only be made into one language. Usually, this type of interpreting is not convenient for use at public events, but more for one-on-one negotiations, during company tours, or in other similar situations.

    Chuchotage cannot be used for translating a speech to a large number of listeners, because translation is done in a low voice, without any equipment. Thus, when using such a simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter is not located in a special booth, but in the actual event space, next to all the other participants. Those needing the translation can hear the voice of the interpreter at the same as the primary speaker, without using headphones. Such interpreting is usually synchronous, but can be sequential.