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    Most internet users prefer to view information and make purchases in their native language. Website localization is the best way to increase the number of your customers several times over.

    Website localization through Lingvo Connect includes comprehensive translation service of your site content (text, audio, and video materials).

    Localization involves not only the optimization of all language aspects, but everything from choosing the right website domain to the development and adaptation of content to the target cultural realities. Adapting keywords and using local search engines are also important to ensure the accessibility of your site by the target audience. We take into account key factors such as colloquialisms, idioms, regional dialects, the geographic location of your target market, as well as the most commonly used search terms.

    You do not have to worry about figuring out how to call a particular product or service in the target country, or if the content might be perceived as offensive, strange, or in some way not as attractive as the original. Our services for search engine optimization and localization take care of all these aspects, as well as many others, ensuring the highest degree of user satisfaction.