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  • Layout and formatting

    Layout and formatting are important components of every translation process. The customer usually receives a document in the same format as the original, or in another desired format based on the customer's specifications. We take care of both the translation and layout of the material in order to save you time.

    The scope of the layout and formatting work depends on the type of the documents submitted, the customer's requirements, the desired document format, and other components. Most often, layout and formatting are offered as part of the services offered when processing a document but can be ordered separately.

    We work with the following formats:

    • Adobe InDesign

    • Adobe FrameMaker

    • QuarkXPress

    • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

    • Adobe PageMaker

    • Adobe Illustrator

    • Adobe Photoshop

    • CorelDRAW

    • AutoCAD

    • MicroStation